Fishing with Greg

Fishing with Greg

Specializing in drive-on the beach Surf Fishing Excursions up and down the eastern shore!

Surf fishing is one of the most exciting outdoor adventures you will ever experience. The Eastern Shore offer some of the best surf fishing anywhere. Whether hooking into Stripers, Blues, Flounder, Drum or (who knows what:), catching fish from the beach is exciting, fun and rewarding.

There is nothing quite like driving out on the beach, setting up and watching the sun rise over the ocean. In the peace and serenity of the morning beach you can see nature in all its glory. Watch carefully and you may see porpoise, whales, eagles, osprey, foxes, turtles, sharks, seals, and more. Even the occasional deer (Delaware) and wild horses (Maryland, Virginia) will wander out on the beach in the early morning. You just never know who you will be sharing the sunrise with :)

This extends to the fishing as well. The ocean is a big place and you NEVER know what fish might be swimming just off the beach. In Spring and Fall we will be fishing for Stripers. From 1 to 50+ pounds, the Delaware state record Striper (51.5lbs ) was caught surf fishing a Delaware beach in December 2012.

As the summer heats up so does the fishing. Bluefish, Kingfish, Flounder, Drum, Croaker, Trout, Spot, and more, are plentyful off the beach and provide a full day of fun and enjoyment. While we do not target Sharks specifically, they are out there and do get hooked often in the summer. We will release all species of sharks and stingrays (no exceptions) but not before you have one of the best fish fights ever!

So come on out and go fishing with Greg - We will have a great day at the beach!

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